Lifestyle of Kurnool

Over the past decade, Kurnool has seen tremendous growth in terms of services and infrastructure. To keep pace with the changing time there has been development and thus, the city has emerged to be one of the preferred destinations of many. People belonging to different religions and castes reside in Kurnool. This encourages a healthy mix of tradition and culture which has influenced the lifestyle of the people and which in increasing becoming cosmopolitan.

Beauty Parlors in Kurnool

Beauty Parlours in Kurnool

Salons and beauty parlors have become an important part of the modern lifestyle. There was a time when these services were limited till the metros. But with the changing time, these services have reached small cities and even villages.

Over the past few years the culture of unisex salons and parlors has also come up in Kurnool. Since today even men want to keep themselves well groomed and want to pamper themselves, parlors offer customized services for men as well. Premium services and dedicated staff are the prime highlights of beauty parlors. Also an increasing number of salons and beauty parlors offer beauty packages depending upon the needs of the clients. One can find numerous beauty parlors and salons in Kurnool. The most popular ones are – Shri Vidhya Beauty Clinic, Vijaya Beauty Parlor, Bhagya Shri Herbal Beauty Parlor and Raga Herbal Beauty Clinic.

Boutiques in Kurnool

lifesyle of Kurnool

Kurnool offers a wide variety of boutiques. The most common ones include a designer’s own boutique where only a single designer’s collection is showcased and the other type of boutiques are wherein a random mix of collections are showcased. Most of these boutiques offer customized services. You can choose your designs and patterns depending upon your choice. The best part about these boutiques is that you can pick and choose between fabric, design, pattern and the accessories to be used on the garments.  By using the latest colors, patterns, prints and materials these boutiques strive hard to deliver the best of services and attain highest level of customer satisfaction.

Some of the most popular boutiques of Kurnool are – Nirmal’s Ladies Emporium, Meenakshi Ladies Corner, Mahalaxmi Store, Maharajja Dresses and New Madeena Ladies Corner.

Gyms in Kurnool

Gyms in Kurnool

Gone are the times when going to the gym was considered a fashion. Today people go to the gym to keep themselves healthy and active. Gyming has become a culture and is being accepted by many. Initially the concept of gyms was limited to the metropolitan cities only. But today one can find gyms in even in small cities.

Most of the gyms offer tailor made training program depending upon your body type and body needs. Personal trainers, modern machinery and an encouraging environment, you name it and you get it. In addition to gyms, Kurnool also has many slimming and fitness centers.

List of Fitness Centres in Kurnool

Atlantis Gym & Fitness Station

Near Central Bank, Beside Jayasree Hotel, Bangar Peta, Kurnool

Green Life Nutrition Center
Above Andhra Bank A T M, Abdullah Khan Estate, A Camp, Kurnool
Phone: 9908372558

Bees Fitness Center
Above Canara Bank, Nandyal Check Post, Kurnool
Phone: 9494837474

Sri Vaarahi Magnex Fitness Studio
KLR Building, Block B, 2nd floor, Gayathri Estates, Kurnool
Phone: 7799909992

Rock Gym
AP Govt. Vehicles Driver Association Complex, Opposite TTD kalyana mandapam , C camp, Kurnool
Phone: 9391679453

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